Our Monkey Classroom serves children who are getting ready to move on to kindergarten either at a private, public or charter school. We ensure that our graduating children are academically, emotionally, and socially ready to embark on a new educational journey. In this classroom, we use Scholastic's Big Day Curriculum to the full extent. This curriculum is a systematic, high-quality curriculum that represents the type of curriculum the children will experience in later school years. It is our intention to prepare our children so that the transition from preschool to elementary school is as smooth as possible.



The Scholastic Early Childhood Program addresses all nine areas of the Prekindergarten Curriculum Guidelines:
- Language and Early Literacy
- Math
- Science
- Social Studies
- Fine Arts
- Health and Safety
- Personal and Social Development
- Physical Development
- Technology
- In particular, Personal and Social Development is addressed interactively, as its own curriculum.
*The Scholastic Early Childhood Program immerses children in real-world themes that begin with what is familiar to children and connects to the world around them.